Four candidates have been awarded funding to complete INOGOV visiting fellowships (Short Term Scientific Missions), each will report their findings during the annual meeting in June:

  • Jonas Schoenefeld (University of East Anglia) will be working on ‘Climate policy evaluation in the EU: exploring the inner workings of the Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Mechanism’, while visiting SYKE in Helsinki;
  • Lena Partzsch (University of Freiburg) will be working on ‘Policy entrepreneurship and ‘power with’ to scale-up innovations’, while visiting VU University Amsterdam;
  • Nicole Schmidt (University of Heidelberg) will be working on ‘Climate, clusters, cooperation: Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in innovation – a role model for businesses and policy makers?’, while visiting Wageningen University;
  • Oscar Widerberg (VU Amsterdam) will be working on ‘Assessing data availability and gaps for climate governance research’, while visiting Lund University.

Photo credit: Barnyz/Flickr