Information for workshop organisers –  ‘Local Organiser Support’

In addition to your workshop budget, you will have been allocated funding designated as Local Organiser Support (LOS). LOS is a contribution to the overall expenses required for organising meetings, and is usually used for light meals and snacks, an evening meal, or room/equipment hire.

As the Local Organiser you have a choice as to how to manage this fund. The simplest method (and the one chosen by the vast majority of Local Organisers) uses a per diem method – specifically this enables the Local Organiser to claim a lump sum of 20 EUR per participant per day of the meeting – providing attendance is evidenced by each participant signing the daily attendance sheet.

After the meeting you need to send the signed attendance sheet to the Grant Holder (Christopher Orr at the University of East Anglia) to complete the reimbursements. Note: No signed attendance sheet = no reimbursement!

For more details about LOS in general, and the two payment modalities please see section below, or the Vademecum.


The Local Organiser can, in agreement with the Action Chair/Network Manager, choose between two reimbursement modalities which determine the basis for calculating the Local Organiser Support (LOS) amount that can be claimed. LOS can only be paid into an institutional bank account and never into a personal bank account.

  1. The first modality enables the Local Organiser to claim a lump sum of EUR 20 per participant for each day of the approved activity. Attendance must be evidenced by each participant signing the daily attendance sheet for each day they attended the approved activity. A participant’s signature can be counted towards the eligible sum amount that can be claimed regardless of the eligibility status of each signee. A maximum of EUR 5000 can be claimed (invoices are not required).
  2. The second modality is based on the submission of invoices detailing a breakdown of the eligible expenses, and adhering to the following conditions: a maximum of EUR 10,000 can be claimed; a final breakdown of eligible expenses must be encoded into e-COST by the Local Organiser; VAT cannot be claimed.

LOS eligible expenses for meetings

  1. Rental of rooms and technical equipment.
  2. Photocopying and the printing of programmes, book of abstracts, book of proceedings, flyers etc.
  3. Phone, fax and mailing for announcements.
  4. For sizable meetings, up to a maximum of 15% of the eligible LOS amount can be claimed by the Local Organiser to support the administrative and secretarial expenses linked to hosting and organising the approved scientific activity.
  5. Coffee breaks, light refreshments and light lunches (light lunches are wraps / sandwiches / finger food etc.) – light lunches count as one meal when calculating each eligible participant’s meal provision. This means that any light lunch offered to an eligible participant (irrespective of the source) is to be counted as one meal and must be deducted from the daily meal allowance afforded to each participant.
  6. One single networking dinner for the entire meeting duration which has to be deducted from the daily meal allowance of each eligible participant.

LOS non-eligible expenses for meetings

  1. V.A.T. and any other indirect taxes.
  2. Any meal exceeding the one single networking dinner limit.
  3. Hotel group reservations.
  4. Translation expenses.
  5. Field trip expenses without relevant scientific justification.
  6. Purchase of technical equipment and electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, printers etc.