When participating in any COST funded activity, it is important to be aware of the COST funding rules – full details can be found in the COST Vademecum. An abbreviated version is below:

Eligible expenses:

  • Accommodation expenses are based on flat rates only (up to a maximum of EUR 120 per person per night which includes a provision for breakfast expenses.
  • The maximum number of nights that can be reimbursed equals the number of meeting days attended by the participant (as confirmed by the participant signing the daily attendance list), plus the night prior to the meeting start date – enabling the participant to arrive the day before if necessary. Any request for an additional night’s accommodation must be approved by the COST office prior to any expense being incurred.
  • Meals are reimbursed against flat rates only (maximum of EUR 20 per meal).
  • A maximum of up to two meals (lunch and dinner) per day are eligible (breakfast expenses are not an eligible expense).
  • Meals provided from other sources including Local Organiser Support must be deducted from the number of eligible meals that can be afforded to the participant.
  • Receipts are not required for accommodation and meal expenses.
  • Flight costs should not exceed 1200 EUR, and any exceptions require formal approval from the COST office before the ticket is purchased.
  • Public transport expenses less than EUR 25 for the entire trip do not require receipts.
  • Taxi expenses are permitted when public transport is not available, or if taken before 7am or after 10pm. Up to a maximum of EUR 80 can be claimed for an entire trip.
  • Supporting travel documents must be uploaded by each participant into their e-COST profile, including confirmation of travel details/price of ticket; boarding pass/ticket (outward/return).

Please note:  to reduce the carbon footprint of your travel please consider travelling by train – for which COST will reimburse first or business class tickets! – or other forms of public transport.

Non-eligible expenses

  • Registration fees, lecture fees, honoraria.
  • Transportation expenses / postage associated with obtaining visas.
  • Health related expenses; life and medical insurance.
  • Travel cancellation and luggage insurance.
  • Additional accommodation expenses, fuel costs, toll charges and car rental expenses linked to car travel.
  • Wi-Fi, telephone, internet and mini-bar consumption expenses.
  • Printing and postage expenses.
  • Regional and / or national taxation fees; stamp duty expenses.