The European Environmental Evaluators Network is a leading forum for climate and environmental evaluation expertise, bringing together academics and policymakers. This action conference will deepen the exchange of research between evaluation researchers and climate policy researchers where INOGOV insights are emerging. It will also facilitate the science-policy dialogue which will guide future INOGOV activities towards high policy relevance. The presence of INOGOV as an organiser in the Conference will enable INOGOV to directly strengthen the research links between this community and governance innovation research community. The theme “Evaluating climate and energy policy experiments and policy innovations” will be led by scholars from the INOGOV network will be invited to contribute with 4-5 papers that will be selected as representative for the work that has been carried out in INOGOV.

For an update, see an INOGOV blog post covering the conference.

Photo credit: Wayne Shipley/Flickr

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