As part of INOGOV’s teaching and training commitment, we have completed two Spring Schools (March 2017 and March 2018) in Heerlen, The Netherlands. In total 48 ECRs (from 18 countries) have participated across the two Schools. The Spring Schools cover the following topic areas:

  • The notion and practical expression of polycentric governance in the specific context of climate change
  • Conceptual frameworks surrounding the notion of governance inventions, their diffusion and evaluation
  • Policy entrepreneurs, experiments, proof of principle and instrument constituencies as they relate to governance interventions
  • Diffusion of governance inventions, including internal and external drivers, barriers and post adoption adaptations
  • Evaluation, including outputs and outcomes
  • The role of political power and knowledge
  • Methods for studying innovations in climate governance

For more information about past Spring Schools please click on the following two links here: Spring School 2017 and 2018. We are hoping the Spring School series will continue in the future.