INOGOV is pleased to announce the forthcoming Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Polycentric Climate Change Governance.

This MOOC has been developed based directly on the landmark publication of the INOGOV book: “Governing Climate Change: Polycentricity in Action?” (Edited by Andrew Jordan, Dave Huitema, Harro van Asselt and Johanna Forster), Cambridge University Press.

The MOOC provides an outstanding opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of key ideas and topics covered in the book, and comprises a novel dissemination mechanism for mobilising key insights and lessons from the INOGOV Action overall.

The MOOC will be open to anyone wishing to develop their knowledge of the emerging ‘polycentric’ global climate governance landscape or update their knowledge in line with cutting-edge academic insights. It will be delivered in several forms to meet the specific needs of researchers, university teachers, policymakers, and practitioners:

  • A short version (approx. 5-8 hours duration) that provides an introduction and overview of key concepts for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.
  • A full version (approx. 50-80 hours duration) that provides a comprehensive learning experience for researchers and policymakers wishing to gain in-depth knowledge.
  • A package of teaching resources available to university teachers or professional educators for use in courses.

The short version of the MOOC and package of teaching resources will be launched by the end of May. The full version of the MOOC is planned to run in a facilitated format for approximately 8-10 weeks during September-November 2018.

To find out more information, or register your interest to be advised of the launch of the MOOC in any of the above formats, please contact James Patterson at: