A wind turbine in a field of wheat, part of the EU renewables target initiative.

We are delighted to announce the new INOGOV Policy Brief series!

This first issue addresses the EU Energy Council on 26 November 2015, which is expected to adopt conclusions on energy union governance. Addressing the vexed question of how to reach the overall EU renewables energy target (27% by 2030) without setting national targets, the policy brief draws on new insights from polycentric climate governance (recently published by INOGOV – Jordan et al. in Nature Climate Change). Responding to calls for stronger regional governance, this publication highlights challenges and questions from a polycentric governance perspective. Specifically, proposing recommendations including: setting regional targets for renewables with flexibility in implementation, coupled with EU-level indicators and in-depth monitoring at the regional level to allow for knowledge-sharing and learning. 

Download policy brief here

The INOGOV Policy Brief series provides an outlet for the publication of policy-relevant, concise and topical papers. Often linked to current INOGOV research endeavours; including workshops, visiting fellowships and peer-review articles, topics address and reflect on current research and/or publications, ideally focusing on concrete public policy challenges or opportunities. 

Photo credit: Flickr/Windpark Springe/Bennigsen

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