A man and woman holding the "INOGOV Best Paper Prize 2016" certificate in front of a stage.

Each year INOGOV celebrates the best work done on climate policy and governance, with the INOGOV Best Article Prize. The winning paper must report cutting-edge science and advance the strategic goals and themes of the Action; and particular support is given to early career researchers who publish on INOGOV-related topics.


We are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2016 prize is awarded to Sabine Reinecke, for her paper published in Environmental Science & Policy on Knowledge brokerage designs and practices in four European climate services: A role model for biodiversity policies?  

Elsevier is currently providing a 1-year promotional access during which Sabine’s winning article will be freely available to download. An announcement of the winning article is also on the journal homepage, linking to the article on ScienceDirect. The paper is freely accessible until 8 April 2017.

Sabine attended the INOGOV WG4 meeting on ‘New directions in climate policy and governance: polycentricity in action?’ in Bratislava in June to receive her award.


We are also pleased to announce that a Special Commendation was awarded to André Schaffrin, Sebastian Sewerin and Sibylle Seubert, for their paper published in Policy Studies Journal, entitled ‘Toward a comparative measure of climate policy output’. Sebastian collected their award at the recent INOGOV WG4 meeting in Bratislava.

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