On this page is the link to the main external evaluation of the INOGOV Action: the Final Assessment Review. This report was independently reviewed by a Rapporteur (an internationally recognised scholar in the field of climate governance and policy research). Click on the link below to read the full report.

INOGOV Final Assessment Review

“The research outputs have been nothing short of remarkable given the time frame and size of the research group: 10 special issues or sections of refereed journals (and six more in production), three edited volumes, and at least a few
additional refereed publications. These research outputs are notable not only for their quantity, but also for
being published in leading refereed journals and academic presses. By bringing together leading scholars
on innovative climate (and other forms of) policy, they have accelerated and brought new innovations to scholarly work on polycentrism and experimental governance in particular.” (INOGOV Action Rapporteur)