Since the start of the INOGOV STSM programme in 2014, we have funded 11 of these prestigious fellowships. Click on the recipient’s name below to read more about their research:

Year 1:
Jonas Schoenefeld (University of East Anglia, UK to SYKE, FI)
Lena Partzsch (University of Freiburg, DE to VU Amsterdam, NL)
Nicole Schmidt (University of Heidelberg, DE to Wageningen University, NL)
Oscar Widerberg (VU Amsterdam, NL to Lund University, SE)

Year 2:
Daniel Gabaldón Estevan (Valencia University, ES to University of Tartu, EE)
Jonathon Kuyper (Stockholm University, SE to University of Oxford, UK)
Sabine Weiland (UFZ, DE to SKYE, FI)
Stefano Carattini (Geneva School of Business Administration, CH to LSE, UK)
Yves Montouroy (Bordeaux Po, FR to IES, Brussels)

Year 3:
Brendan Moore (University of East Anglia, UK to IES, Brussels)
Paul Tobin (University of York to Heidelberg University, DE)